Reader comment…” I grew up with two Sky Kings”

From: glenn E Kresge

I grew up in the 1950’s, and I was a devout Sky King fan! I had to get all my chores done on Saturday Morning before I was allowed to watch Sky King which aired at 12:00 P.M. Noon time.  My Dad was a licensed pilot and flight Instructor-so I love to fly, and learned to fly at a very young age by my Dad’s instructions. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away from a heat attack when I was 16.  I would always watch Sky King every time it aired. I watched that show up until it was taken off the air in 1966. I watch it again when it aired in 1987-88 on CBN. I was planning to meet Kirby Grant in 1985. However, he was killed on October 30, 1985, while driving to the space shuttle launch on state route 50. I was deeply sadden that I would never meet him as planned.  I was able to converse with many people who knew Kirby Grant personally. They stated he was everything and more then what he portrayed as Sky King.  One of these persons who was very good friends with Kirby was the late Guy Maher, who just died in an airplane crash last month. Guy stated Kirby Grant flew with him many  times and was a pilot. Guy owned a Cessna 310. He stated Kirby had over 5,000 hours in twin engine operations. However, no FAA records can be found on Kirby. Moreover,  other well know pilots have no records on file either from that era either.   Guy Maher stated Kirby Grant was the real deal and a genuine good guy who like to help people.  Kirby actually spent time at Guy Maher’s home in N.C. Guy first met Kirby in northern N.J. when he was a teenager. Kirby was signing autographs at a N.J. Mall. Guy was working at a music store, and Kirby came in to buy some sheet music. He stated Kirby and him ended singing and playing the piano. Guy stated that his friendship lasted until Kirby’s death in October 30, 1985. Now unfortunately both are gone. Both killed in accidents.  Guy Maher was nice enough to give me a photographs of Kirby Grant. And share his firsthand experiences flying with Kirby. I also have a DVD of Guy and Kirby flying the last 310 Cessna made when Guy visited Kirby in Florida.