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Like many others, TIM TROTT became interested in flying at a early age watching the “.Sky King ” television program, lying on the living room floor in front of a bulky GE console black and white TV.  By coincidence, Tim later was introduced to Kirby Grant, the actor who played the television role of Sky King. The Grant family, including his wife, Carolyn Grant, and the family (Kit and one sister) retired to Florida in the early 1970s.

Aviation has played a small part in Tim’s life from time to time through the years, from riding along with WLCY’s (now WTSP) “Eye in the Sky” traffic reporter over Tampa Bay, with “Capt.” Dan Lunin, chief engineer -1961 +(?), to working for CE Avionics at Sanford Airport in the 1970’s, to his interest in UAVs (“drones”) much later. Initially approved for a Section 333 exemption under part 91, Tim passed the Remote Pilot Certification as soon as it became available in August of 2016.  While logging a few dozen hours with sUAS aircraft, Tim has also logged a (very) few hours as a student pilot… in Cessna aircraft (naturally). Tim’s father had held a glider pilot license before Tim was born.

This book marks a continuation of writing projects which began with “The Droner’s Guide”, (now out of print) and continued with “FAA 107 UAG Remote Pilot Study Guide“, a ground-school study guide to help prepare drone pilots for FAA Part §107 Remote Pilot Certification.  Those books are currently available at Amazon.com

Growing out of the e-books, a video training series at TheDroneProfessor.com and on-site lectures, has helped most of a thousand students to prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification (RPC) exam. Another video training course will help those same pilots renew their certification after two years.

Tim’s other efforts include certification as an FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement Cert #329775) instructor, teaching courses in the application, mission planning, operation and safety of UAVs for public safety and first responders as well as law enforcement response to “drone” complaints.

Tim is now or has been a member of several organizations related to aviation, including APSA, AMA, AUVSI, EAA, FSANA, AOPA and the FAA Safety Team.

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